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RSPCA QLD Wildlife page

Queensland Fauna Consultancy

QFC is a specialist firm providing sound ecologically minded fauna services to Queensland. We aim to service businesses throughout the state by providing necessary environmental information and management strategies for new, existing and future developments.


Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland is the state’s leading community environmental organisation with a wonderfully diverse and dedicated team of members, volunteers, supporters and staff united by a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. We have a proud history in standing up for what we believe in and have been campaigning for the survival of species and ecosystems since 1962.We are also known as Wildlife Queensland or WPSQ.

Wildcard Art

Simply browse this site or make a purchase of some of the finest Australian Wildlife artwork from Daryl Dickson. Daryl has had a long lasting passion for native fauna which is clearly displayed through her exceptional interpretations of wildlife from Queensland’s Wet Tropics.


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Snake Catchers Brisbane

Australasian Zoo Keeping

Snake Catcher Directory

This snake removal directory aims to provide you with the most relevant details for the snake catcher team closest to you.

Snake of Southeast Queensland

The South East Corner of Qld is home to a high density and diversity of snake species covering a range of vegetation communities and geographical locations.

Top 6 snakes of South East Qld

Eastern Brown Snake
Red-bellied black snake
Coastal Carpet Python
Common Tree snake
Yellow-Faced Whip snake
Eastern Small-eyed snake

Snake Information

Don’t panic!! When you see a snake remember it is likely it has seen you too. In the majority of cases snakes will retreat to nearby cover but on occasion will lay still in hope you will go away.