Eastern Bearded Dragon

Lizards of South East Queensland

Eastern Bearded

Pogona barbata
Other common names: Frilly, Fence Dragon.
Eastern Bearded Dragon

Species Profile

General description:

The Eastern Bearded Dragon Well-developed beard (when erect) and a relatively narrow head. Arc of backward-curving spines across the rear of the head and numerous rows of long spines extending from the back to the belly. Rings of enlarged scales along the tail which are separated by bands of smaller scales. The mouth is bright yellow and body grey with 2 dorsal rows of pale blotches.

Average length:

250mm snout-vent length.

Habitat in SE Qld:

Woodlands, dry sclerophyll forests and urban and rural areas.


Omnivorous consuming a great deal of plant matter such as leaves, fruits and berries. Insects make up about 15% of diet. Will also take small mammals and reptiles.

Local Distribution:

Found throughout South East Queensland with the exception of the inner city and elevated closed forests. An apparent decline in numbers has been noted throughout some areas possibly due to the long extended dry period resulting in reduced availability of feeding resources.

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