Snake Information

Snake Information

  • Don’t panic!! When you see a snake remember it is likely it has seen you too. In the majority of cases snakes will retreat to nearby cover but on occasion will lay still in hope you will go away. A snake will not make a deliberate motion towards you unless provoked.
  • Keep a sharp eye on the snake. If you feel you may want the snake identified or further assistance, call for someone to grab your digital camera or the telephone. Fast moving species such as Common Tree Snakes or Eastern Brown Snakes usually head for cover if you leave the area. For identification of snakes in our region go to our snake id web page. Snake Identification and Information.
  • Keep pets and people well away from the snake. The more interaction the snake has the more intimidated it will become. 95% OF SNAKE BITES OCCUR WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO CATCH OR KILL SNAKES. Don’t knowingly place yourself or those around you into the highest risk category. No snake left alone is dangerous. Allow a specialist to solve the problem for you if you feel relocation is required.
  • If the snake is inside your home/workplace it is paramount you keep a constant watch until your snake catcher arrives. Snake catchers are not magicians and snakes are exceptional at exiting an area undetected. A general search in most cases will not turn up your snake. If you cannot manage this then a damp towel jammed under the closed door will assist to keep the snake enclosed. Be sure to push the towel in with an implement to minimise the option of escape. Remember that snakes can hide in inaccessible places even in a single room and capture cannot be guaranteed if you don’t know where the snake is. Nothing replaces a constant watchful eye.
  • Snakes outside are generally temporary visitors that will leave your premises if left alone. With a little patience from yourself you will find the snake will vacate of its own accord. Remember that your snake has probably lived its entire life in suburban backyards without incident so why should this change just because you have seen it.
  • It makes sense to have the number of your local 24 hour licensed snake handler ready in case of a surprise snake encounter. Trying to find the number whilst endeavouring to keep watch on a snake is time consuming and delays any response to your situation. For a comprehensive suburb by suburb list of all snake catchers within Brisbane and other regions in Queensland go to the 24 Hour Snake Catchers Directory.

Tree Snakes spotted a lot around Southeast Queensland

Common Tree Snakes spotted a lot around Southeast Queensland.

Are you seeing a lot of Common Tree Snakes around? If so, you’re not alone!

Common Tree Snakes are a widespread species that can be found in a variety of habitats, from rainforests to dry woodlands, from farmland to suburban backyards and gardens. Due to their adaptability, they’re one of the most common snake species to enter homes, likely because of the abundance of Geckos and Skinks that make up a large part of their diet.

These snakes are usually 1.2 meters in length and have a distinctive green/yellow underside, making them fairly easy to identify. Although they’re harmless and generally quite reluctant to bite, they can be a risk to pets if they feel very intimidated (though pets can also be a risk to the snake!).

If you have any questions or concerns about Common Tree Snakes, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts can provide advice or send out one of our amazing snake catchers to help you relocate any reptiles.

You can read more about the Common Tree Snake here.

Snake Photo Identification

Photo ID Did you know Snake Catchers Brisbane offers a snake identification service. through our main website. For our snake identification service simply use the upload form on We provide our Australian snake identification service free of charge and always welcome high quality images for potential inclusion on our website. This service is not just for Queensland snake identification but for all snake id across Australia.