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During the nesting periods, bird and human conflicts escalate with species such as Magpies, Scrub Turkeys, Plovers, Butcher birds and other species vigorously defending their territory, young and nests. The nature of these conflicts vary greatly with each species, with management needs varying with each individual scenario.  These scenarios may be due to physical strike by defensive magpies and butcher birds, through to the destructive nesting habits of a male brush turkey looking to establish a mound in preparedness for coming reproductive opportunities.

Native bird removal is a complex activity that requires a specialist is required to evaluate the dynamics of each location. The way to implement effective techniques for native bird removal is to have a detailed oversight into the individual characteristics and life history traits of the species of concern. Our team of  experts are well versed in ecological deduction when assessing and providing advice specific to each job we attend. 

If you feel you require additional assistance and advice with your bird removal issue, we suggest you utilise the information in our bird links as a starting point to your native bird management plan. When you have tried these methodologies to no avail we would suggest you contact us to arrange a time to book a specialist to attend to your requirements. Magpie, Plover, Butcher bird, Bush Turkey removal specialists are specifically permitted individuals who deal with swooping or problem birds and provide safe capture and translocation methods for each species. You can contact us in business hours between 8.30am and 5pm on 0413 028 081.

Species of interest

A number of species are responsible for the bulk of bird and human conflicts that we are asked to attend to. These include the following species:


Bird removal of Australian Magpie's

Australian Magpie

Gymnorhina tibicen

A significantly dangerous bird in the event contact is being made when swooping. Magpies have the potential to cause serious head and facial injuries and often cause responses from people out of fright that present a danger to themselves or the people around them. An iconic species which is well known for its high densities within the suburban landscape.

Bird removal of Brush Turkey's

Brush Turkey

Alectura lathami

A strong and powerful bird with a work ethic like few other animal species, the brush turkey can cause significant damage to suburban gardens and sensitive vegetation as it constructs it’s impressive mound. The standard vegetative composition of most gardens is no match for this industrious bird who can turn a well manicured garden and lawn into a composting mound within days. Efforts to stop these birds are often futile with substantial modifications of the backyard layout required to effectively deter the birds from utilising there selected locality.

Bird removal of Butcherbird's


Cracticus torquatus

Two species are known to swoop humans; the Grey Butcher bird and the Pied Butcher bird. Both species have hooked beaks which can cause significant injuries to the head and face with eye injuries common with this species. Of all the birds to deal with butcher birds are by far the most challenging when avoiding personal injury, as they are swift in flight and in many cases more than one bird will swoop. Some scenarios we have encountered have included 6 individuals working in unison to deliver defensive strikes via ambush from numerous directions!

Bird removal of Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing

Vanellus miles

Often referred to as a plover, which is a name rightfully given to a group of shorebirds, the masked lapwing is a common inhabitant of open landscapes such as grasslands, suburban parks and gardens and notoriously sporting ovals and school grounds. Although highly reluctant to make contact masked lapwings show a determined nature when looking to drive potential threats away from there highly exposed nest, eggs and chicks.

Bird removal of Noisy Miner's

Noisy Miner

Manorina melanocephala

Bird removal of Crows


Covus orru

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