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Delivering snake and bird removal services across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast.

Snake & bird removal

Whether its a problem with a swooping bird, a snake or a brush turkey mounding in your yard, we endeavour to provide rapid and reliable wildlife specialists for your situation. Therefore, our consultants are highly skilled professional wildlife managers, providing information which allows you to satisfactorily address all your snake or bird related concerns. We believe understanding through positive and factual information fosters empathy and subsequently allows allows both wildlife and people to coexist without fear or frustration.

Most importantly, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast catcher contacts are provided as well as further localities across Australia. WildlifeQLD is based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with further catchers available in Logan and Ipswich. WildlifeQld has been a long term provider of information and mitigation for wildlife over the past 25 years servicing residential, commercial and government clients.

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Requests for our snake removal service are the most common reason Wildlife QLD is contacted and our website accessed. Our Gold Coast team along with our Logan and Ipswich catchers are readily available to assist with all your snake removal needs.

Further phone numbers for licensed catchers in other areas can be found here.

Snake Identification

Did you know WildlifeQld offers a snake identification service. Simply use the upload form on We provide our Australian snake identification service free of charge and always welcome high quality images for potential inclusion on our websites. This service is not just for Queensland snakes but for all snake id across Australia.

Bird Removal, Capture and Advice

During the nesting season, birds such as Magpies, Plovers and Butcher birds may vigorously defend an established territory that contain their young and nests. You can utilise the information in our bird links before engaging a bird removal service in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich areas. Magpie, Plover, Butcher bird, Bush Turkey catchers are specifically permitted individuals who deal with swooping or problem birds and provide safe capture and translocation methods for each species.

Our team consists of a range of specialist including long term bird removal specialists and ecologists with a long term history in the ecological function of bird species often considered conflict species. You can be assured the consultants dealing with your particular problem are experienced in managing all bird species known to impact the suburban environment.

Bird removal contacts can be reached for the following areas:

For More Information Go to Bird Advice Page

snake catcher & Bird Removal

Brisbane West including The Gap, Bardon, Chapel Hill, Kenmore, Brookfield, Sinnamon Park Oxley, Algester, Forestdale and surrounding suburbs
Ipswich and surrounding suburbs
Brisbane North, including Moreton Bay Regional council areas south of Caboolture
Brisbane South including Moorooka, Yeronga, Woolloongabba, Wynnum, Cleveland, Carindale, Holland Park, Marsden



Australian Magpie

Magpies have become successful in suburban areas where land clearing and construction have modified once tree dominated landscapes into open spaces allowing for an increase in foraging opportunities.
Brush Turkeys

Brush Turkey

The Brush Turkey is a highly successful occupant of nearly all Brisbane suburbs. Suburbs such as The Gap, West End, Chapel Hill and Kenmore have an extensive overhead tree-canopy with heavy under-storey planting in most yards. In particular these suburbs have high densities of turkeys.


Butcher birds occupy a number of different habitat types from rainforest, margins of forests and woodlands, open woodlands, coastal and inland scrub, riverine woodland, farmland and suburban areas with trees.
Masked Lapwings

Masked Lapwing

Occur throughout most of continental Australia except for the central and westerly parts of Western Australia and South Australia.
Noisey Miners

Noisey Miners

Common and widespread throughout eastern Australia from the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia to the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland.


Common and widespread across northern and central Australia. The western population is isolated by the Simpson and Great Sandy Deserts.
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Snake Removal Snakes Of South East QLD

Snakes Of South East QLD

The South East Corner of Qld is home to a high density and diversity of snake species covering a range of vegetation communities and geographical locations. This includes the highly charismatic and abundant Carpet Python, the harmless Common Tree Snake and the highly venomous.

Lizards Of South East QLD

Lizards Of South East QLD

Home to a variety of lizard species the South East Qld region supports representatives from the Skink, Gecko, Dragon and Monitor groups of lizards. Some like the Eastern Water Dragon, Eastern Blue-tongue Skink and the Lace Monitor are often sighted in and around homes.



Possums are a familiar component of suburban backyard fauna. There adaptability has seen them embrace with great success to the many opportunities afforded to them that human infrastructure provides. Three possum species are found throughout the south east corner of Queensland.

Latest Catches

Defensive Pose Golden Crowned Snake

Defensive Pose Golden Crowned Snake

Golden Crowned in Iconic Defensive Pose

This Golden Crowned Snake is showing off the typical defensive pose of this species. They are usually all bluff, but this mildly venomous species will rise up in order to ward off potential predators.

There are several species of Crowned Snake that occur within the Brisbane region. These include the White Crowned, Dwarf Crowned and Golden Crowned. They feed upon small lizards and their eggs, as well frogs and are usually nocturnal.

This one was removed from an Underwood residence by our snake catcher Bryce.  

Learn more about the Golden Crowned Snake here

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Icy Snake

Icy Snake

Carpet Python nearly icy due to the cold

Like all reptiles, snakes are ectotherms, which means they regulate their body temperature according to the temperature in the environment. During warm days they can be very active, but preserve their energy when it is cool. During the recent cold throughout the region, snake sightings have reduced significantly. Those that are found by our clients are often trying to seek warmth on rooves or inside. Our snake catcher Brandon relocated this icy juvenile from a client’s home in Sunnybank Hills. It was so still and cold he initially thought it was dead! He managed to find a sunny spot to release it in the nearby bushland.

Learn more about the Carpet Python here

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House Special-Python Eats Possum

House Special-Python Eats Possum

Carpet Python Consumes Possum in Client’s House

Coastal Carpet Pythons are known to eat very large prey, with this snake capturing and consuming a Common Brushtail Possum inside a client’s house in Corinda. We are called to removed Pythons in the process of eating possums fairly often, but very rarely Inside a client’s home. The client mentioned she left a door open earlier in the day, and the resident possum that rests under the verandah had disappeared. Both the possum and snake must have entered and the possum met its end under the television cabinet.

When called to a snake part way through eating an animal, we do our best to way until it has fully consumed it. Snakes predating is a natural process and keeps the suburban possum population in check.

Learn more about the Carpet Python here

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Woma Python Pet

Woma Python Pet

Woma Python Office Pet

This gorgeous Woma Python was caught during a snake call out in 2019, but as this species is not found locally we knew it was an escaped pet. When we find escaped pets they are handed over to the Department of Environment and Science, who seek to have them returned to their owner or adopted by someone. As no one sought to adopt her, we went through the process ourselves and he is now our office work pet. We’ve affectionately nicknamed her Holly! She’s a very gentle snake and is fond of waiting to poo until she’s taken onto the lawn in the sun!

The Woma Python lives in the arid semi-arid parts of Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as some of the south-west of WA near Shark Bay. This species feeds almost exclusively on reptiles in the wild, sometimes crushing their prey against the walls of their burrows. Womas shelter in burrows made by other animals in the heat of the day, but will actively dig further with their shovel-shaped head. The only other Australian python which digs is the Black Headed Python, a relative of the Woma.

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