Pink-Tongue Skink

Lizards of South East Queensland

Pink-tongue Skink

Cyclodomorphus gerrardii
Other common names: NonePink-tongue Skink

Species Profile

General description:

Broad head distinct from a somewhat slender body and long prehensile tail. The tongue is pink in most adults but blue in juveniles. Colour can range from a pale brown, to pinkish brown to grey. Bands across the body can be either absent or present in adults, but are always present in juveniles. Banded individuals have dark prominent bands extending from the neck to the tail tip, whereas unbanded individuals may only just have a black-tipped snout. When it will gape its mouth to protrude its pink or blue tongue sometimes with a hissing sound as it expels air.

Average length:

300mm but may reach a length of 550mm.

Habitat in SE Qld:

Favours moist timbered environments such as wet sclerophyll and rainforests but also occurs in dry woodland and riparian habitats.


Favours slugs and snails but will eat insects, small vertebrates and may take advantage of unattended cat and dog food.

Local Distribution:

Common in well-watered gardens and rockeries. Common in moist Brisbane suburbs such as The Gap, Paddington, Rochedale and Ferny Hills.

Around the home:

Will utilise any potential ground microhabitat but due to its ability to climb has also been found in tree hollows, dense canopy vegetation and even a hanging plant basket. Although it has a strong bite and impressive defensive display it is generally inoffensive and of no concern to people or pets.

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