Woma Python Pet

Holly the work pet woma python

Woma Python Office Pet

This gorgeous Woma Python was caught during a snake call out in 2019, but as this species is not found locally we knew it was an escaped pet. When we find escaped pets they are handed over to the Department of Environment and Science, who seek to have them returned to their owner or adopted by someone. As no one sought to adopt her, we went through the process ourselves and he is now our office work pet. We’ve affectionately nicknamed her Holly! She’s a very gentle snake and is fond of waiting to poo until she’s taken onto the lawn in the sun!

The Woma Python lives in the arid semi-arid parts of Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as some of the south-west of WA near Shark Bay. This species feeds almost exclusively on reptiles in the wild, sometimes crushing their prey against the walls of their burrows. Womas shelter in burrows made by other animals in the heat of the day, but will actively dig further with their shovel-shaped head. The only other Australian python which digs is the Black Headed Python, a relative of the Woma.

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