Discover 8 Things To Do When There’s a Snake on Your Property

Brown Snake on the ground discover

Discover these helpful tips for what to do in the event you see a snake on your property.

  1. Try not to panic-if you discover a snake it’s likely to have seen you too. Most snakes will retreat to cover when approached or lay still hoping to avoid your gaze
  2. Snakes are not aggressive animals and simply wish to avoid big people (who they see as predators) standing over them!
  3. Keep pets and people away from the snake as best you can-the more interaction, the more likely it might feel threatened. The vast majority of snake bites occur when people attempt to harm or capture snakes. They’re best watched from a safe distance
  4. If you’ve called a snake catcher, do your best to watch the snake until they arrive. Snakes are experts at hiding so giving the catcher an area to begin their search will give the best chance of removing it
  5. If the snake is inside your home or business and you’re unable to watch over it, attempt to close the door of the room it is in and place a towel across the bottom of the door to seal it in
  6. If you’re needing help considering what to do, we offer a free identification service, simply capture a Clear and Focused photograph or video and send it via SMS or our website ID page
  7. For a full list of the suburbs serviced by snake catchers in the Brisbane region go to the 24 Hour Snake Catchers Directory on our site here
  8. Read about the species of the region here