There’s a snake in my yard! Tips from a snake catcher

eastern brown snake held on hook by snake catcher-snakes found in yard

Tips From a Snake Catcher-What Do When There’s a Snake in the Yard

Snakes have a few basic needs such as food, water and somewhere to hide. They are normally very elusive, secretive animals and removing these basic needs will deter them from entering your yard. Our snake catchers offer some tips below.
1. Keep the gardens neat and under control. Having lots of long grass, lots of loose leaf litter in the garden beds etc will attracts snakes. It gives them plenty of places to hide and hunt for food.

2. Keep the yard clean. Don’t have piles of rubbish like old timber, pipes etc built up. Again, these are great places for snakes to hide and hunt for food.

3. Keep compost containers sealed/covered. Compost attracts all types of pests like rats and mice which, in turn, attract snakes.

4. If you have birds, make sure the cage is well maintained. Loose doors can allow a snake in which maybe hunting for your bird. Ensure the seed that may spill out is cleaned regularly as this attracts rats and mice who will attract snakes.

5. If you have guinea pigs, make sure the mesh is secure. Snakes can fit through surprisingly small holes. We often get calls for a snake that has taken a pet guinea pig but couldn’t fit back out the way it came in.

yellow-faced whip

Yellow-faced whip snake