2 Absolute Extremes of Eastern Brown Snake Colour Variation

Two Eastern Brown Snakes with extreme colour variation

Is ‘Brown Snake’ a Misnomer?

The Eastern Brown Snake is commonly encountered throughout the Brisbane region in suburban yards and businesses.

The common name ‘Brown Snake’ can be seen as a bit of a misnomer. This species is known to be extremely variable in colour and pattern, and the pictures here make that very clear! They can be many shades of brown, orange, yellow, almost black. Some have rings and stripes (partiocularly juveniles), some have blotches and speckles. The orange snake on the left was from Carole Park, and the dark black individual on the right from a property in Enoggera.

We as snake catchers know what to look for in snake identification: the shape of the eye and head, body, scales, movement and behaviour. Typically we recommend that if you aren’t 100% certain of what it is, keep a safe distance and call a snake catcher to attend to it.
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