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Catcher Number

Gold Coast Snake Catchers

Gold Coast Snake Catchers

0418 738 228

YES!! We do service the NSW Tweed Coast and surrounding areas

The following details are for a 24 hour 7 days a week Gold Coast Snake Catchers servicing the Gold Coast and Hinterland areas. The Gold Coast is home to a large diversity of snake species with many species often coming into contact with humans. These include such species as harmless Carpet Pythons and Common tree snakes as well as the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake. This species is found across most Gold coast suburbs. The hinterland region supports numerous species found in highly specific habitat.

Our Gold Coast snake catchers are highly experienced and professional consultants whose knowledge and ability to interpret snake behaviour is well noted. Our primary snake catcher Gold Coast based has been actively removing and relocating snakes in accordance with the species requirements for nearly 20 years across two states. The range of species and the situations that snakes have been removed from in that time is quite outstanding This has lead to a highly proficient and quality operator available to the residents and businesses of the Gold Coast snake catcher region.

Our snake catcher Gold Coast services see our Gold Coast snake catchers providing capture and relocation for residential, commercial and government clientele. We have over the journey serviced such clients to include schools, child care centres, small and large businesses and countless number of residential customers. We offer a wide range of services to each of these including roof inspections, general yard searches snake safety audits and direct response to snakes found within buildings, yards or grounds.


In detail these include:

Roof Inspections.

  • Comprehensive inspection of all accessible locations within ceiling cavities. Please note snakes a re much smaller than our consultants and some areas may be inaccessible and not able to be inspected.

General yard searches.

  • Includes exterior property search identifying potential localities for snakes to occupy and removal of any snakes found.

Snake safety audits.

  • We provide detailed inspections of home and business premises and can provide either verbal advice or written reports. These detail the required responses to minimise the risk of human and snake interaction on the inspected premises./

Direct response to snakes found.

  • this service is our most widely used and includes rapid response to an actual snake identified at a property. We offer immediate response or a “next in line” service in this instance./

When attending your premises you can be assured we will offer sound advice that is backed by many years of experience handling some of Australia’s most venomous species. Our primary focus is the safety of both the catcher and the people in the immediate vicinity and we are always mindful of mitigating any site specific risks before conducting snake removal.

Snake Photo Identification

Photo ID Did you know Snake Catchers Brisbane offers a snake identification service. through our main website. For our snake identification service simply use the upload form on We provide our Australian snake identification service free of charge and always welcome high quality images for potential inclusion on our website. This service is not just for Queensland snake identification but for all snake id across Australia.

Gold Coast Snake Catchers