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Redlands snake catcher 0413 028 081


Redland snake catcher has been servicing the area for many years and has maintained a quality snake removal service to the businesses and residents of the Redlands and Bayside areas. Our aim is to present the most efficient and effective snake catcher service that gives the people of the Redlands are confidence we will be there when needed.

When servicing the people of the Redlands we have encountered all known species within the area. Our snake catcher Redlands team consists of highly experienced consultants with relevant experience and expertise to effectively communicate the natural history aspects of all snakes found their. From the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake to the every common Coastal Carpet Python we have seen all species and successfully mitigated any risk posed to people or pets.

When choosing us as your Redlands snake catcher you can rest assured we have you covered not only from an experience and knowledge perspective, but also with regards to adequate insurances and licensing. We hold comprehensive public liability insurance which ensures you are covered in case of accident on your property. This includes your personal property but also if the snake catcher Redlands was injured at your premises we have got the situation covered. All staff are covered by WorkCover as is required under Qld State legislation as they perform their snake catcher duties on your premises.

We are fully licensed by the Department of Environment and Science having held a Damage Mitigation Permit for the capture and release of snakes within the state of Qld since there inception in 1996. Before that time we were assisting with snake related concerns in conjunction with the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, RSPCA, Police and local Councils across south east Qld. 

Our Redlands snake catcher team can provide you with a range of services from direct snake capture right through to comprehensive inspection of roof cavities, yards and business premises. A snapshot of our services are as follows:

Roof void inspections:
Snakes often occupy roof voids, especially species such as Carpet Pythons and Common tree snakes. The snake catcher Redlands team can investigate all areas within your roof cavity that allow access for us to inspect. As you would understand cathedral roof styles and eves are outside of our scope but where accessible we can catch snakes present at the time. 

Yard inspections:
We can conduct comprehensive yard inspections to identify localities or features in your yard that may be conducive to snake occupancy. If during the course of our inspection we encounter snakes we will gladly relocate these for you. One snake or team the cost remains the same.

Snake safety and mitigation reporting:
We can provide reports detailing the site specific areas that require your attention and give you proven strategies to ensure the safety of your family, pets or staff.

Having captured snakes within the Redlands and Bayside area over the past 25 years, we look forward to providing the people of this community with our continued commitment to our quality snake catching service. ,

Snake Photo Identification

Photo ID Did you know Snake Catchers Brisbane offers a snake identification service. through our main website. For our snake identification service simply use the upload form on We provide our Australian snake identification service free of charge and always welcome high quality images for potential inclusion on our website. This service is not just for Queensland snake identification but for all snake id across Australia.

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